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Before Starting (Startonia)     
Meet Sir Lyndon                 
Begin Pioneering                
Ferruccio Junction Cleaning     
Statue of Ferruccio Protection  
Deliver A Secret Document       
The Cleansing of Al Quelt Moreza
Shadow Dilos Latemn             
Illier Style Tofu Dish     
Gather the Pioneer Token   
Defeat the Yellow Phobitans
Discover A Hidden Way      
Gather A Strange Stone     
Control Porto Bello        
Welfare Letter                                                
Defeat A Rogue                                                
Investigate the Haunted Mansion and Defeat the Monsters Inside
Call from Simon Ayende 2, Old Friend                          
Defeat Lightning Gavi di Gavi                                 
Screaming of Spirit                                           
Joaquin Prison Report                                         
Granma and Fritz                                              
Pinta Quest                          
The Queen of Pioneers, Granma        
A Powerful Foe, the Tyrannosaurus    
The Disappearance of a Rescue Knight 
Report to Granma                     
The Circle Dance of Skulls           
The Frozen Megalosaur! Brachiosaurus 
The Call of Grandice      
Bahama Exploitation       
Unexpected Obstruction    
Land of Witch             
Defeat the Witch          
House of Sierra           
Condition of Leonora      
Visit the Sick Person     
Ten Nobles of Vespanola   
Caos Requiem
Stone Leaf        
Unexpected Fate   
Errac:Constellation Stance
Exploring The Culverts                  
Soldier at the entrance of Errac Quest  
New Civilization                        
Warrior Greetings                       
The Errac Captain                       
Castilla Episode 1 Beginning of Exploration, Report 1
Castilla Episode 1 Two Hearts
Castilla Episode 1 Ancient Relic, Revenge
Castilla Episode 1 Exploration Interrupter
Castilla Episode 1 Chaos Magician
Castilla Episode 1 Supply Stocking, Medicine Supply
Castilla Episode 2 Relic 1
Castilla Episode 2 Relic 2
Castilla Episode 3 News, Exploration, Situation Report
Castilla Episode 3 Manuel
Castilla Episode 3 Circumstance Report
Castilla Episode 3 Total Truth
Castilla Episode 3 Barrier of Truth, Report
Castilla Episode 3 Tower of Chaos 1
Castilla Episode 3 Circumstance Report, Report 2
Castilla Episode 3 Tower of Chaos 2
Castilla Episode 3 Tower of Chaos 3
Castilla Episode 3 Tower of Chaos 4
Viron Episode 5 Elemental Piece - Otite
Viron Episode Stolen Otite
Viron Episode Information About Furuhollen Family
Viron Episode An Island Called ‘End of the World’
Viron Episode Go to Red Sunset Forest
Viron Episode Castle Butler Raven
Viron Episode Information of Leonele / Advice of Dr. Torsche
Viron Episode Remove Shield of the Castle
Viron Episode To Lucifer Castle
Viron Episode The Misfortune of Cortes
Viron Episode Demonic Jurgen
Viron Episode Knock on the Gate of Hell
Viron Episode Judgment Day
Viron Episode (Sub) Dominion Baron Family
Viron Episode (Sub) Devil and Alchemist
Viron Episode (Sub) Black and White
Viron Episode (Sub) Oswalt
Viron Episode (Sub) We Should Make A Pequod
Viron Episode (Sub) The Clock Tower Entrance
Return to Orpesia Another Plot
Return to Orpesia Kielce Port
Return to Orpesia Introduction of Union Leader
The Entry of Selva and Edward in Bristia
Raven and Garcia
Entry of Bernelli in Bristia Call of Bernelli
News on Ein
Sad News
Present for Comfort
The Last Farewell
Owner of the Green Light
Torsche's Sedative
Newly Discovered Truth
Bernelli's Stolen Gun
Trustworthy Person
A Letter Sent a Far
Bernelli, Come Back
Bernelli’s Sedative
Bernelli, Go Back
Bristia To Government General
Fake Confirmation Note
Fake Confirmation Note - Search for Information
Fake Confirmation Note - Gather Information
Fake Confirmation Note - Gather Information 2
Owner of the Fake Confirmation Note
A Bad Memory
I can make a Fake Confirmation Note that looks real
Stolen Water Color of Elizabeth
To Government General Again
Unrefusable Proposal
Legendary Mercenary Sad News
Legendary Mercenary Shunted Aside
Legendary Mercenary Don’t Stop Me
Legendary Mercenary Public Order and Chasing a Monster
Legendary Mercenary Illegitimate Child of 3 Year War
Legendary Mercenary Discovered Clue
Meeting Three Men
Doubt Laboratory Search
Sub Trace of Cruelty
Dignite Costume Quest
Hidden Holy Water Chamber
Martial Arts Stance Quest
Fighter Favor Rate Quest
Strange Circus Troupe