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| [[Reboldoeux|Reboldoeux]]
| [[Reboldoeux|Reboldoeux]]

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Ramiro Jack Brunie Etienne Angie Mackenzie Diego the Carpenter Andre Janzur Idge Imbrulia Panfilo de Narvaez Reboldoeux Soldier Claude Baudez Najib Sharif


Emilia Guliano


Emilia Guliano

Caos Requiem

Ania Recruitment Quest Nar Recruitment Quest


Adriana Recruitment Quest Cruise Recruitment Quest Elisa Recruitment Quest


Vincent Recruitment Quest Grandice Recruitment Quest Tora Recruitment Quest Leonele Recruitment Quest Veronif Recruitment Quest Daria Recruitment Quest Beatrice Recruitment Quest Ion Recruitment Quest Sharon Recruitment Quest Raven Recruitment Quest


Barrol Recruitment Marchetti Recruitment Heiran Recruitment


Najib Sharif - (Sub-quest) Soho - Enchantment Tip Quest Marie - (Sweeper) Stance Book Brunie Etienne - (Sub-quest) Adelina Esperanza - (Sub-quest) Karjalainen - (Sub-quest) M'Boma - (Sub-quest) Elisa - (Therapy) Stance Book Tiburon - (Sub-quest) Rio - (Serenade) Notes Natalie - (Sub-quest) Catherine - (Brandish Arm) Stance Book Vincent - (Abyss) Stance Book and Abyss Scroll Veronif - (Hermetisme) Stance Book Ion - (Frost) Stance Book Cruise - (Sub-quest) Grace Bernelli - (Sub-quest) Adriana - Favor Rate Quest Calyce - (Sagitta) Stance Book Romina - (Sub-quest) Rio - (Prelude) Stance Ramiro - (Sub-quest) Auch Infantry - (Sub-quest) Soho - (Sub-quest) Coimbra Trooper - (Sub-quest) Pharrel - (Furious) Stance Book Gracielo - The Five Books of Martial Arts (The Book of Wind) Stance Book Angie - (Sub-quest) Lisa Lynway - (Blitz Assault) Stance Book Viki - (Castis) Stance Book Karjalainen - (Fleuret Glacier) Stance Raven - (Croisement) Stance Reckless Emilia - (Sub-quest) Panfilo - (Sub-quest) Reboldoeux Soldier - (Sub-quest) JD - (LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin) Signaler Stance Book Jack - (Sub-quest) Selva Norte - (Sub-quest) Beatrice - (Tempest) Stance book Viki - (Trance Robo) Stance Book Granma - (Soul Guard) Stance Book Eva Sharon - (Sub-quest) Grace Bernelli 2 - (Sub-quest) Raven - (Sub-quest)