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==Claude Baudez ==
==Claude Baudez ==

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Claude Baudez

GE Claude Baudez 141.jpg Initial Level 40
Job skill Melt Weapon
Quest Location Port of Coimbra

A former pirate captain.She is looking for the traitor who killed her comrades on their way to the New Continent. She has average Attack but high Attack Speed. One of her stances allows her to use the sabre and pistol simultaneously.

Melt Weapon
Gunsmith with Grace and Lorch (Accuracy +10, Attack Speed +5%, Penetration +5)

An imposing figure, Claude Baudez towers over his peers as the Weapons Merchant of Reboldoeux. With his gruff and booming voice, alongside his countless battle scars – including one that almost took his right eye, many are intimidated at the first sight of him, and rightly so. As one who's equally skilled in the use of all the weapons of his trade, and with massive HP to boot, Claude is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Players that can overcome their fear can approach Claude to craft a whole array of Blunt weapons, but a high leveled Claude controlled by other players will be required to craft items of higher level requirements.









Metal, Leather (Fighter)

Recruit Process
Pre-requisite: Minimum Character Level 10
STEP 1. Go to D6 of Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to Claude.
STEP 2. Hunt Striped Spiders in Al Quetz Moreza for the required quest items.
STEP 3. Speak to Claude again afterward.

Pre-requisite: Defeated Dilos Lantern (as part of pioneering quests from Domingo, the Reboldoeux Public Servant)
STEP 1. Get an instanced mission from Claude.
STEP 2. Defeat Claude to proceed. 
STEP 3. Speak to Claude. 

Pre-requisite: Recommended Character Level 35
STEP 1. Go to Porto Bello Hold (J5) and click on the strange treasure chest to receive the broken Silver Baron. 
STEP 2. Speak to Claude about repairing the broken Silver Baron.
STEP 3. Hunt Gavi de Gavis at the Porto Bello Deck and hunt Gavi de Gavis for the quest items.
STEP 4. Talk to Claude to receive the repaired Silver Baron. 

Pre-requisite: Minimum Character Level 60
STEP 1. Speak to Claude. 
STEP 2. Hunt these creatures for the required quest items: 
 - Porto Bello Deserted Quay / Desolated Cliff (Bomber Tortoises) 
 - El Lago de Tres Harmanas (Corlien Dynamiters, Dandelion Gorillas) 
STEP 3. Return to Claude again to pick up the next leg of the quest. 
STEP 4. Hunt these creatures for the required quest items: 
- Savage Garden (Gehcos, Wild Dogs, Haunted Candles)

STEP 5. Return to Claude to turn in the quest and receive [Claude Baudez Character Card].