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Game Characters

There are a large variety of different characters that are available for your use. These characters can be categorized in two groups: the stock characters and the UPCs (unique playable characters).

Stock characters are available upon creation of a family and are the "basic"classes most often seen in MMOs; they specialize in a wide range of skills. When creating a character, you'll first notice that there are no options for changing appearance. Once in the game, there are items (costumes, specifically) you will acquire that can change your appearance, such as hair styles, glasses, hats, armor and full-body costumes that can replace the appearance of your armor with something more desirable, even other armor types.

UPCs are specialists who excel in their own specific field, and in some cases, are hybrids. Unlike stocks, they must be earned through quests and are gained by obtaining their card. Consequently, they can only be made once through the consumption of their character card.

While these classes are versatile enough to be possibly used effectively no matter the combination, new players may find the recommended starting teams page helpful.

Basic Characters

Basic Characters consist of five basic classes that have Female and Male versions, each. Gender is purely visual and mostly has no affect on gameplay. There are a few armor pieces in the game that are only available to one gender or the other, but it's usually costumes that specify.

The five classes each fill a unique role in this game:

Fighters are masters of combat, being able to weild almost any melee weapon you come across.

Traditionally an iron-clad juggernaut, fighters are the time honored 'tanker' of Granado Espada.

Initial Level: 

Class Skill: 
Available Weapons: 
Pistols, Daggers, Swords, Rapiers,
Blunt Weapons, Javelin, Polearms,
Available Armors: 
Leather Armor, Metal Armor, Shields

Being able to withstand tremendous attacks while protecting their allies from harm, they have a large variety of attacks and an even larger variety of weaponry they can use. Fighters are by far one of the most versatile Class.

Some of Granado Espada's dungeons and areas are filled with ravenous monsters, whereby your weaker characters may be unable to withstand the attacks. The Fighter's personal ability Provoke, serves to attracts monsters around him/her, drawing them away from your weaker/less armored characters.

Musketeers fight from a distance using technology instead of magic, employing Rifles and Pistols. Deadly marksmen, capable of bringing their enemies down from a distance with rifles or pistols. They start out with the slow but deadly Rifles, and can opt to change to Pistols that are less damaging, but far quicker. Musketeers have the furthest range attack in the game, but can be expensive to support as they need a large supply of bullets for long quests.
Initial Level: 

Class Skill: 
Available Weapons: 
Pistols, Rifles, Bayonets
Available Armor: 

The Musketeer's personal ability Concentration greatly increases their Accuracy and Critical Rate, enabling them deal more damage for that short amount of time. Their basic attacks are some of the most devestating in the game, but require a constant supply of bullets. Also, all of their Stances are offense-oriented, making use of Area of Effect attacks, status effect attacks, piercing attacks and single-target high-damage attacks.

Scouts are the key support characters in this game, being the only Stock class able to use the innate skill Healing Healing. Their Stances allow them to perform a large variety of support functions, such as removing status effects, reviving dead party members, and buffing the group with all types of helpful effects.
Initial level: 

Class Skill: 
Available Weapons: 
Available Armor: 
Leather Armor

While they do have two Dagger Stances available from the very beginning, keep in mind that the Scout has "weak" versions of these Stances, doing less damage and even missing a skill. Remember, when your Scout does not have a weapon equipped, the XAI enables them to automatically heal their weakened team members, leaving the healing to the artificial intelligence while you concentrate on clearing the never-ending waves of monsters. The Scouts' personal ability is Heal. Enough said, really.

Wizards are a mix of damage, support, and utility, being one of two Stock classes to wield actual magic. Rather than try to explain them here, you should peruse the Class page. At the best ends of the magic spectrum,
Initial level: 

Class Skill: 
Energy Shield
Available Weapons: 
Rods, Staffs
Available Armor: 

Wizards have a variety of protective and enhancement spells to bolster their allies, they also wreck terrible vengeance on their enemies, using their psychic powers to defeat them. This diverse and powerful class goes on to learn the Levitation stance at higher levels, floating in the air at the cost of mana – all the while manipulating psychic force and being immune to ground attacks. The Wizard's personal ability is Energy Shield, a spell that can absorb damage by consuming SP for a period of time.

Elementalists are a mix of damage, support, and utility, being one of two Stock classes to wield actual magic. Rather than try to explain them here, you should peruse the Class page.

The penultimate glass cannon – Elementalists wield the elements of Fire, Ice and Lightning in the form of bracelets, to annihilate or nullify their enemies. One of the most fragile classes, they excel at dishing out destruction from afar, from commanding the elements to strike down at their enemies, or raining devastation on a whole swarm of monsters. At higher levels, Elementalists equip two of the same elemental bracelets at once, at the cost of their own movement speed.

Initial Level: 

Class Skill: 
Elemental Penetration
Available Weapons: 
Bracelets of Fire
Bracelets of Ice
Bracelets of Lightning
Bracelets of the Elemental Lord
Skullic Bracers
Available Armor: 

This slowed movement speed is compensated by even more powerful and destructive spells. Due to their low defense and slowed movement speed, they will require heavy protection from the rest of your family. The Elementalists' personal ability is Elemental Penetration, a skill that allows you to ignore a certain amount of elemental resistance from your enemies and reduce your skill casting time.


UPC stands for unique playable character. Aside from playing with stock characters (listed above), you can also earn other characters to use. UPCs are most commonly acquired through completing specific quest for them. You'll find these UPCs as NPCs throughout the various towns within the game, and most of them have questlines and will give your their Character Card once completed. To create a UPC with a character card, keep that specific character card in your inventory, then log out to the Barracks (Quarters) and select Create A Character. In the drop-down list for Class, their unique character will be available for creation. All you have to do is name them and voila! They are a part of your family.

The vast majority of UPCs use the stock classes as foundations for their design. There are two kinds of UPC that are most common, what are referred to as "Hybrid" or "Specialized." An example of a specialized UPC is Brunie Etienne, who is considered a musketeer, but specializes specifically in pistols. In her case, she is considered superior with pistol stances, but is completely unable to use anything else, while the stock musketeer uses rifles and bayonets as well as pistols. In other cases, there are characters like M'Boma, who are hybrids between two stock classes. M'Boma himself can use select wizard stances as well as fire elementalist stances.



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