Castilla Episode 1 Supply Stocking, Medicine Supply

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  • Quest information

Start NPC Elisa the Nurse Officer / Viviana the Supplying Officer
Zone Castilla, Ruins - Base 2
Objective Deliver the Relief Supplies to Marina, the Combat Officer.
Basic rewards Medicine, Relief Supplies, 100 Ancient Star Orbs
Item rewards 20 Progressive Nutritions, 20 Progressive Mithridarts, 20 Progressive Analeptic Remedies

  • Quest walkthrough

After completing Castilla Episode 1: Exploration Interruptor quest, you will be able to receive sub quests Supply Stocking and Medicine Supply.

Go and talk to Elisa the Nurse Officer and Viviana the Supplying Officer located near Sofia.

Supply stocking medicine supply 1.jpg

< Elisa the Nurse Officer Trying to Send Medicine to Base 2 >

Supply stocking medicine supply 2.jpg

< Viviana the Supplying Officer Trying to Send Relief to Base 2 >

Receive Medicine and Relief Supplies from Elisa the Nurse Officer and Viviana the Supplying Officer and bring them to Officer Marina in Castilla, Ruins - Base 2..

Supply stocking medicine supply 3.jpg

Supply stocking medicine supply 4.jpg

< Supply Stocking, Medicine Supply >

Supply stocking medicine supply 5.jpg

< Quest Completed >

Report back to Elisa and Viviana in Base 1 once you have delivered Relief Supplies and Medicine to Officer Marina.

You will receive Progressive Nutrition, Progressive Mithridart and Progressive Analeptic Remedy from Elisa and Ancient Star Orb from Viviana as reward.