Castilla Episode 1 Beginning of Exploration, Report 1

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  • Quest information

Start NPC Adriana
Zone Castilla, Garrison 1
Objective Go to Admiral Adriana
Basic rewards 1 Medal of Honor B, Castilla Mine Explorer medal (On first entry), Chaos Steel Ararat Slayer medal
Item rewards

  • Quest walkthrough

Through the NPC Castilla Exploration Recruiting Soldier located at the Port of Coimbra, you can go to Castilla.

Beginning exploration report 1.jpg

< Castilla Has a Level Limit. You Must Be Lvl 100 or Above >

Beginning exploration report 2.jpg

< Castilla Exploration Recruiting Soldier >

[1] Castilla Episode 1: Beginning of Exploration

Beginning exploration report 3.jpg

< Admiral Adriana >

When you try to talk to Adriana, she will tell you that she is busy so go talk to her staff Sofia. Proceed and go look for Sofia.

[2] Castilla Episode 1: Report 1

Beginning exploration report 4.jpg

Sofia will tell you that Base 3 was just set up and they are having hard time exploring since too many monsters has appeared.

Moreover, the golem used for mining in the Castilla Mine has gone out of control and they cannot suppress it on their own. She will ask the Pioneer Family to suppress the golem and bring the Magic Stone that powers the golem. Go to Castilla, Mine, defeat Chaos Steel Ararat, and bring back the Magic Stone.

Beginning exploration report 5.jpg

Beginning exploration report 6.jpg

Beginning exploration report 7.jpg

< Entering Castilla, Mine >

Beginning exploration report 8.jpg

< Chaos Steel Ararat Giving the Quest Item >

If you were able to obtain the Magic Stone the Chaos Steel Ararat gives out randomly, report back to Sofia.

Chaos Steel Ararat summons its underling called Chaos Steel Ararat Mini.

Beginning exploration report 9.jpg

Beginning exploration report 10.jpg

< Sofia’s Reward >

Sofia will give you Medal of Honor B and Chaos Steel Ararat Slayer as reward.

  • TIP

Castilla can be entered only if you are Lvl 100 or above.

You can enter Castilla, Mine once a day for free. If you want to enter again, you need 1 Ancient Relic if you are entering 2nd and 3rd time, 2 ancient Relics for 4th and 5th, 3 Ancient Relics for 6th and 7th time.

Items required in each quest can be exchanged with Ancient Gold Relic through NPC Cruz..

Medals can be worn through Medal Info (Ctrl+L) menu.

  • Item Info

Medal of Honor B: Increases Family Reputation by 500.