Castilla Episode 1 Ancient Relic, Revenge

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  • Quest information

Start NPC Nunez
Zone Coimbra Market, The Cathari Falls
Objective Chocolate 0/1, Silken Tofu 0/1, White Wolf Meat 0/5
Basic rewards 10 pcs Shiny Crystals
Item rewards Field Drop Manual - Normal (30 Days)

  • Quest walkthrough

[1] Castilla Episode 1: Ancient Relic

Castilla ancient relic revenge 1.jpg

< Ancient Relic >

Adriana will ask you to bring her Ancient Relic Piece.

Bring her 3 Ancient Relic Pieces and 1 Ancient Relic to continue to next quest.

[2] Castilla Episode 1: Revenge

Castilla ancient relic revenge 2.jpg

Adriana will now ask to defeat Chaos Chrysalis, which elite soldiers of the 2nd Fleet failed to do so, and bring her Chaos Chrysalis Claw.. ※ Chaos Chrysalis can be defeated with long-range character.

Castilla ancient relic revenge 3.jpg

< Chaos Chrysalis, Coming Out of Ground, Chaos Heretic and Chaos Fanatic >

Once you acquire Chaos Chrysalis Claw, report back to Adriana.

Castilla ancient relic revenge 4.jpg

< Adriana’s Reward >

She will give you Medal of Honor B and Chaos Chrysalis Slayer medal as reward.


Ancient Relic can be obtained through mine roulette or through Ancient Relic Exchanger by putting in 3 Ancient Relic Pieces. (With certain probability) (3 Ancient Relic Pieces + 150,000 Vis, Ancient Gold Relic Piece + 450,000 Vis)

You can obtain Chaos Phobitan General Heart, Chaos Basilisk Heart or Chaos Chrysalis Claw by giving Ancient Gold Relic to Cruz.