Zones and Waypoints

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Waypoints and the Map

On this page we will show you more about the zone map and the usual world map. Also we will show you the different possibilities to quick travel from a to b.


Zone Map


  • On the Zone Map you can see your current location marked as a yellow arrow.
  • If you enabled the option 'Use Zone Map Movement' you are able to move around in the Zone by simply clicking somewhere on the Zone Map.

World Map


  • On the World Map you can see all Zones that are currently available in Granado Espada.
  • Zones were you have open quests are marked in blue.
  • If the Zone is colonized, by hovering over the Zone name with your mouse you can easily get more details of the involved Faction.



  • Waypoints are the quickest way to travel from village (a) to village (b).
  • Waypoints are placed in all villages in Granado Espada.
  • If there is no Waypoint available, you need to walk or use the Warp System.

Warp System (Portals)


  • The Warp System is working totally different than the Waypoint System, with the Warp System you can save your locations that you like and move back to them later.
  • In your personal Warp Window 'Ctrl+R' you can save up to 10 different locations.
  • If you want to save more than 10 locations you need to buy an official Warp License.


  • In order to use the Warp System you need to buy 'Warp Scrolls'.
  • You can buy 'Warp Scrolls' through 'Leonardo Expreso'. You can find him in every village.
  • You can extend your Warp list by maximum 10 slots, that you have 20 Warp Slots in your Warp list.