The Interface

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The Interface

Here you can read a bit about the UI of Granado Espada and learn were you can find everything.

Basic Informations


On this Screenshot you can see the usual UI, here you can check your buff durations, stances, HP, SP, skills, Level and your Characters name.

Stances & Attributes


Here you can see all your skills and stances that are available for you. Also you can improve the power of your Skills with skillpoints that you obtained during your monster hunts.

Eqipment Details


This Screenshot is showing you all details about the current equipment of your Character incl. its resistances and attributes.

The Toolbar


This is the main menu of Granado Espada Europe, here you find all the functions that you need like the Community, Granado Espada Europe information's, Quest information's, World PvP, Inventory, Faction & Family and much more.

The Inventory


The Inventory is showing you the Items that you have currently in it. It includes Quest Items, Consumable Items and much more.



  • As usual, this is the Minimap it displays your current location and direction of travel.
  • If you want to have a bigger 'Zone Map' press 'ALT+Z'