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How to Start

Welcome, on this page we will show you how you can join Granado Espada Europe in only 8 Steps ;)

Download the Game


If you succsessfully signed up for a Granado Espada Europe Account, you will be able to download the client. Please check the minimum specifications and recommended specifications, before you start downloading the client!

The Installation


Now run the downloaded installation file and let the installation start.

Launch the Game


In order to log-in to Granado Espada Europe, you need to double-click on the Granado Espada Europe desktop icon.

Patch the Client


One the Launcher started, the game will automatically check the server for a newer game version and download them if necessary. After the update download finished, please click on 'Start' in order to launch the Client.



Now you are at the Login screen of Granado Espada Europe, please login with your Account information's.

Create your Family


Here we go, now it is time for you to create your family, bloodline or legacy or however you will name it :). The only thing you need to do is, enter a Surname and click on 'Create'

(Please Note that the family should be unique, otherwise it will not work!)

Create your Characters


You will then be brought to the Character Creation Page immediately; you are required to create 3 characters consecutively. (Recommended Characters to create: Scout, Fighter and Musketeer)

Enter the Name of your Character; select the desired Occupation, Gender and Face Type, then click 'Create a Character'.

Join the World of Granado Espada Europe


Now you just click on 'Saved Location' and you are ready to explore the world of Granado Espada Europe.