Faction and Colony

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Faction and Colony

You can enjoy the game with other players by creating faction (party), and make a battle with other factions.

Faction invitation

ImgFaction 01.jpg

- Faction system is a group which is consisted of friends have the same objection, enjoying the game.

- Faction is higher group than a squad. Squad focus on mission and hunting but the objection of faction is enjoying the game.

Faction information window

ImgFaction 02.jpg


- Find the information of faction that you’re in.

- You can input profile as well as check faction news and see the list of opponent of your faction

Create Faction

ImgFaction 03.jpg

- If you don’t want to be one of faction’s member, you can make your own faction as a faction master.

- You can create faction by talking to Linden in the new continental support center (need family reputation 200, 1000vis)

Brilliance of the leader, Faction colony’s blessing

ImgFaction 04.jpg

- If the faction you’re in or you created take each assigned colony, you will blessed by the faction colony.

- If you’re a faction master, you can have different effects from other factions with Brilliance of the leader.

- When you take a colony as a master, you can have Brilliance of the leader.

Withdrawal Faction

- If you don’t like the faction you’re in or you want to create a faction by yourself, you can leave a faction.

- You can leave the faction when you select the withdrawal button on the faction menu.

- You cannot join the faction during 7days after you left faction and also needs 7days to create a new faction after dismiss the faction.

Colony occupation

ImgFaction 05.jpg

- You can find the architecture named ‘colony’ in game and it’s occupied by faction.

- If the colony is unoccupied, it can be occupied by destroying the colony.

- The colony occupied by the other faction can be occupied by using the function of declaration.

Colony war

ImgFaction 06.jpg

- Colony war only can be proceeded in channel 1

- When the colony war started, all targets will be marked by red icon, so it can be distinguished.

- When the colony war is proceeding, there is no any penalty like decreasing Exp. or dropping items even if the character cannot continue the battle.

- If faction occupy the colony, the faction’s master and member of battle ability will be increased..

- Faction master: attack +2%, defense +2%, attack speed +2%

- Faction member: maximum HP +5%, maximum SP +5%