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Welcome to the Item Enhancement Section of our Wikipedia, here we want to show how you how you can upgrade and improve your weapons and gear.

You can find all details about Item Enhancement and also Item Enchanting in this article.

Item Enhancement

If you want to enhance your weapon you need to visit an enhancement merchant. This merchant you can find in all villages around the world of Granado Espada Europe.

With the Item Enhancement System you are mainly focus on increasing your weapons attack power and its attack rating and also on increasing your armors defense power and defense rating.

The very first steps of enhancing a weapon or armor part are very easy till you reached +4 after that your chance in losing the item in further upgrade processes is increasing each step that you try to go up above +4.

There is a possibility to increase the chance of a success with, enhancement boosters and shiny crystals and in addition you can use some impervium to increase your chance of enhancing the item.

The maximum enhancement LvL for gear is set to +12.

Here are the chances of successfully upgrading your gear without boosters from at +4 -> +7:

+4 -> +5 / 50,00% chance of success
+5 -> +6 / 25,00% chance of success
+6 -> +7 / 12,50% chance of success